About Us


Simply put, we are two Millennials living life by saving money and using our skills to travel at little to no cost to us. We married young, graduated college, and bought a dog…the typical American dream, but…different.

We pride ourselves on our savings, building up a retirement, creating an emergency fund, and keeping as much of our hard earned pay checks in our pockets.

Family and friends began to ask how we have done it all; from buying and selling our first┬áhome at a profit, traveling to Europe (twice now), to living comfortably in our second home without credit debt all while keeping a substantial emergency fund. Ready for the shocker?…We did this by our mid-20s. Yes, you read that correct. We are fresh out of college, lost at the meaning of life, young, and savvy spenders.

We’ve decided to share our secrets of success with you. Join our adventures and learn from our savings. Subscribe on the right hand side to keep up to date with our posts and feel free to contact us on our Contact Page.