Learn How We “Cut Corners” To Save Some Cash Monthly

How We “Cut Corners” to Save Some Cash

Hopefully, you have caught on that we like to save our cash. From credit card points, to home cooked meals, we will do anything to save money and ultimately use it on what truly matters.

Lots of little things add up when “cutting corners” to save cash. Pennies add to dollars adding to my bank account.

Furthermore, here is a short list of a few “corners” to cut and hopefully save some cash.

The Dog

For those of you who don’t know. We have a large dog…some would say a bear of a dog. Her name is Nala (shout out to follow her on Instagram as Nala_thebeardog, see what I did there?). She is a 100 pound German Shepherd Dog/Husky mix.

Guess what that means?! She sheds…a lot. And needs constant grooming.

And you know what? That costs a lot. I mean a lot, a lot. Each grooming session costs $100.

So what did we do? We bought an industrial sized hair clipper/beard trimmer and we do it ourselves. She gets combed, trimmed, and washed all by me.

The best part? You can buy it on Amazon for $89. That’s one time. Meaning we save ourselves hundreds each year.

When it is too cold outside and she needs a bath, we go to PetValue where it is $10 to use their doggy wash station. That is a steal. They provide everything including the shampoo and a free treat. Not to forget that they clean the mess for you. WINNING!

Just look at this happy camper! Getting a Bath at PetValue!


My husband is brilliant. (He will squirm when he reads this). But he goes to conferences and meetings often where he has to dress in a suit.

So, recently he bought two suits off Macy’s (which we got an amazing deal of $600 off each wool suit) but the catch was, they needed to be hemmed.

Like 6 inches needed taken off, hemmed…there was no avoiding this.

So what did I do? I searched online and found a great tutorial to do it myself. This fellow blogger is brilliant so I will share his link here…

Click HERE to see his tutorial at ManMade!

But he does a great job explaining step-by-step how to hem pants properly with photos. Life saving.

I mean…wallet saving?

Also, I constantly have to sew on new buttons or hem dresses for me. Being short comes with its difficulties when shopping…

The Nest

We didn’t purchase the Nest thermostat ourselves, it was a Christmas gift. But the product helps us save even more on energy bills than we were before.

Originally, we set our thermostat to 67 degrees during the winter. Yeah, to most that is cold but hey throw on a sweater and some socks.

We like to save money.

The nest has increased our savings because it “learns” your habits and adjusts the temperature accordingly. So, say we go on vacation…or we are out of the house for the day…it switches to eco mode and lowers the temperature.

You can adjust the settings and follow your savings all by using your mobile device. Pretty cool if you ask me.


Besides using the occasional coupon (I couldn’t get into the whole coupon craze) we have learned a few other tricks to save some cash on our food.

Shop in season which is generally what the front page of the grocery store’s Ad highlights. They are pushing those products off of their shelves which generally means great deals

Shop at places like Costo for wholesale items that you use frequently or have a longer shelf life. We buy toilet paper, paper towels, meat to freeze, and drinks from Costco.

Check Aldi out for discounted produce or basics like flour, salt, and seasonings.

Shop the “damaged” sections of your grocery stores. Just the other day I got 3 bell peppers for the price of one because they were starting to get too ripe. All I have to do is take them home, wash them, dice, and freeze for future meals like fajitas.

We also like to shop the discounted meat section. For $4 I got a packaged of cubed steak to make one of my childhood favorites, steak fingers. Talk about a steal, $4 for meat, throw in some veggies and you have dinner, cheap!

Just make sure you use the discounted stuff before their expiration date or freeze them accordingly.

Gift Cards

If there isn’t a discount through a credit card portal, we shop with gift cards that we purchase at Kroger.


Well, our grocery store offer fuel points per $1 spent at there store. They typically run promotions on weekends where you get 4x fuel points on gift cards.

So, we buy a Banana Republic gift card for the exact amount we need to buy, lets say pants, and then we get 4x the amount we loaded on the card that go towards gas rewards.

An added bonus, they were running a 15% off gift card promotion the other day for all Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic brands.

So not only did we get the pants for 15% off, we got 4x fuel points. Smart, right?

Plus, this stops us from over spending. We are allowed to use the amount on the gift card and thats it.


A few of you know that I cut my husbands hair, but many don’t.

Six years ago, I watched a youtube video on how to cut men’s hair that have longer/wavy hair. I bought a pair of shears, and ever since I have cut his hair on a monthly basis.

That is a savings of $25 a month, 12 months a year, for 6 years. A grand total of $1,800 saved. I’d say that it is worth it.

Now, I haven’t been so successful on my own hair and unfortunately my husband can’t do it either. So, I “bite the bullet” and pay for a hairdresser. I know…shame on me.

Eat At Home

I can’t stress this enough. Eating out costs a lot of money. Even fast food adds up. (Not to mention it is absolutely terrible for you).

We eat out maybe once a week to once every other week. Generally, sit down restaurants are for special occasions.

Heck, if you checked out our post on Valentine’s Day on a Budget where we made a 5 star meal at home, you can see the savings yourself.

Meal prepping helps a lot with the budget too. We even posted 3 On-The-Go breakfasts to meal prep in a past post. Those breakfast burritos we make from home and freeze saves us a ton of money alone.

General Health

It’s not rocket science. You work on your health, you stay healthy, you save money.

According to the CDC’s studies done in 2013-2014, 70% of adults in America are considered overweight.

That is not good, folks. Increased weight means more health issues, and ultimately more medical bills.

Politics aside, a lot of money can be saved by just remaining healthy.

Well, gym memberships can be expensive. So, what do we do?

We work out from home. Plus, in the comfort of our own home we are way more likely to workout than getting in a car and being in public.

We have a few free weights, a rowing machine, and an exercise bike. Sure they cost money up front, but we save money on renewing monthly gym memberships.

Also, we go on hikes, take the dog on several walks a day, go for a jog, eat healthy, and sleep well.

And you know what? Many of my health problems reduced or flat out went away.

I know this isn’t the case for everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to just try.

Come back now folks!

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