8 Items Not to Skimp on with Your Budget Spendings

Everyone calls us cheap. In fact, my parents say we are so tight with money that we squeak.

Typically, we are cheap. We shop around, do our research, and find the best deals out there on any product or service we need.

But. THERE ARE THINGS WE DON’T SKIMP ON. You heard that right…well, you read that right. Sometimes, we spend our money without being stingy.

Without further ado, here are the list of things (and why) we don’t skimp on when it comes to expenses.

1. Electronics

My husband is the electronic guru of the family. He always does his research to find the best electronic to fit our needs. Typically, laptops mean Macs and phones are iPhones. Why do we spend the high price tag for these name-brand-top-of-the-line items? Because they work and they last a long time.

From our experience, springing for the $200-$400 laptop means you will be buying a new one to replace the piece of junk that no longer works. In the time you purchase two laptops, you would still be using your MacBook. The quality of the materials used in making MacBooks speaks through their longevity.

Iphones, well, they are a different story. I have gone through several iPhones in a short amount of time but we stick with them because of the customer service. Every single time my phone acts up, we take it to the Apple store and in no time it is either fixed or replaced, free of charge. Not to mention the ease of linking all of your devices, from your phone, to your computer, and your iPad if you have one.

2. Mattresses

You spend half of your life sleeping, so why would you skimp out and buy a cheap mattress that in the end causes sleepless, uncomfortable nights and the luxury of all day back pain?

We don’t. But, we also don’t over spend on mattresses. Sure, there are tons of super cheap mattresses out there but we want quality. A great night sleep means a great, productive next day.

There are many mattress stores all around the area. The thing is, there is a huge markup on those mattresses and they often get paid on commission. You are better off getting the mattress directly from the source.

So after our research, we gave Tuft and Needle a try. They were affordable, delivered the mattress right to our door, and even had a free trial period where we could send it back if it wasn’t exactly what we wanted. We have had our Tuft and Needle mattress for 3 years now and we still love it.

It may not be the cheapest, but it sure as hell isn’t the most expensive that you will find at a traditional mattress store. It works for us, we sleep great at night and even find ourselves missing our mattress when away on our 5-star vacations.

But hey! Stay tuned for another post later this week breaking down all of the top online mattress company prices and incentives if you find yourself looking into a new, affordable mattress!

3. Dog Food

Your dog is a member of the family. Would you feed yourself or the rest of your family, subpar, non regulated food full of by-products? Of course you wouldn’t. So do your research, and buy the right kind of dog food.

Many dogs become over-weight and often times with age comes disease and medical expenses. Did you know feeding your dog the right type of food now can help prevent that? Thus, saving you hundred or even thousands of dollars down the road.

I know you are thinking, ooooh they must spend an arm and a leg on expensive top of the line organic dog food….Wrong. We actually buy a store brand called Abound that is owned by the Kroger Company. Sure it isn’t as cheap as the generic value brand kibble but it is grain free (which grains are the number one reason for dog allergies) and full of nutrients. Not to mention they sell a salmon and sweet potato superfood blend that helps with Nala’s fluffy double coat with nutrients to prevent skin conditions. Many times they even send us coupons up to $5 off the next bag.

Feeding our dog the right kind of food means her immune system is stronger, her coat is healthier, and she is all around healthier.

How do you find out how well your dog food compares? We use this site here…Dog Food Advisor.

4. Luggage

We don’t pay for outrageous luxury luggage but we do dish out the extra cash for high quality, practical luggage. Sure, you can run to Target and purchase super cheap luggage from anywhere between $20-$50 but lets be real, with the way airline companies handle your luggage it will most likely last only one or two trips. Don’t waste your money on cheap luggage that will fall apart at the seams.

For our Europe trip last year, we decided to go with North Face Backpacks that are meant for hiking trips.


When traveling for an extended time, we hop on and off public transportation constantly while moving from hotel to hotel. Having backpacks that are large and sturdy meant easier maneuvering up and down stairs along with on and off trains.

5. Bed Sheets

Back to my statement about spending half of your life sleeping, why would you skimp on that half? We used to purchase cheap generic sheets but they collected balls of lent and retained heat all night.

This past year we took the plunge and purchased nicer bed sheets. We got ours from L.L. Bean.

6. Appliances

When we moved into our new home, we had to purchase new appliances. Shopping around isn’t as fun as I thought. Appliances run from basic to elaborate touch screen with alerts to your smartphone. Who thought a stove, fridge, oven, and microwave could get so detailed?

We came to the conclusion that purchasing bottom line appliances would be out, knowing we would move in the next few years. When people come to look at houses, they always look at appliances. So, our appliances needed to fit the market, stainless steel and would last long enough for our use and still look great when we sell again.

We absolutely did not go with the top of the line appliances. We went more…middle ground. And of course, we purchased them on sale and with our energy star rebate, we practically got them at a steal.

7. Men’s Dress Shoes

Yeah, I know this is a bit weird on the list, but a good dress shoes should last a long time and you don’t want to be uncomfortable during an important business meeting.

My husband wears Allen-Edmonds which are an American hand-made brand of shoes that have a lifetime warranty. They are Goodyear welted and at any time they need to be re-soled, you send them out and they repair them.

8. Feminine Hygiene Products

Ahh… there isn’t much to talk about here but it is important. Your health is everything. Risking your health for cheap products is never a great idea. TSS, yeast infections, and bacterial infections are no joke. Go with trusted brands and high quality products.


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