A Review of an Independent Home Security System: Piper

My husband has had the unfortunate experience of being robbed once and his car broken into, twice.

Yeah…bad luck?

Upon moving to a new city, we decided to jump on the security system bandwagon. Not to mention, I feel much safer being home by myself while he is away on trips.

So how much would you pay for peace of mind?

Security systems are pricey. I mean hella pricey. The typical in-wall systems run way out of our price range and was just not a smart option knowing we would be moving again in a few years.

Well, we searched our options and decided to give Piper a shot.

Here is a breakdown of their pricing for the main device…

So the key with Piper is…You pay for the device and any other add-ons you want and that is it.

You don’t have to pay a monthly monitoring fee as you would with most other security systems.

What does that mean?

Well, we monitor it ourselves. So if one of the sensors goes off, we choose how we want to be notified (push notifications, text messages, or phone calls) including an automatic set off of an excruciatingly loud alarm. Then we check the situation out. If need be, we call the police.

What We Like About Piper

  • One Price, Up Front

    With Piper, you pick you device, pay, and that’s that. You don’t pay for installation fees or monthly monitoring fees.

  • Portable

    For people like us, those that move around a lot, Piper is a great option. All you have to do is unplug the device, pack it, and then set it up at your new home.

  • Manage With The App

    Let’s be real. Our phones are now an extension to our arms. There really isn’t a time where we are not connected to our phones. At any time, in any place we can turn Piper on or monitor the house.
    This is great when we go on trips or are out of the house all day. We just pull up the App and switch the “armed away” mode on.

  • Manage Alarm Types

    With Piper you have three options: Off, Armed Away, and Armed Stay. Typically, during the day we switch the alarm off. At night we can switch Armed Stay, signifying that we are in the house but if one of the sensors we set up, triggers, we will be notified. Armed Away is for when no one is in the house, so typically the sensors are more sensitive in that situation.

  • Manage Alarm Settings

    With Piper, you can add on other sensors that connect through Z-Wave. We purchased door sensors and an outlet switch to turn on a light a few months after initially purchasing the main device. So, when we are home but want the alarm on, we set the door sensors on. If the door sensor triggers, then the light switches on and we are notified immediately by either push notification, text, or phone call. When we are away, we make sure the motion detection is on. (Hint, make sure your animals aren’t around when this is turned on!)

  • Access To The Webcam

    We love that there is a webcam on Piper. At any point of time during the day or night, you can pull up the app and check on your house through the webcam. Typically, this means we pull it up to check on the dog…I know, crazy dog parents. But, this came in handy when we had to monitor her chewing on her feet for allergies. If we left the house, we could pull up the camera and if we caught her chewing we would switch the microphone on and tell her to stop. It was a bit funny since she was confused as to where the voice came from but hey, she stopped chewing.

What We Don’t Like About Piper

  • Connectivity

    Piper runs through your wireless. Well, sometimes, as everyone has experienced before, our wireless gets a bit spotty. This typically isn’t a problem but I did have a scenario where the alarm was on with motion detection, and I locked the dog upstairs with me overnight. Well, the wireless acted funny and I couldn’t turn the “armed” mode off to let the dog down to go outside. The dog was crying to go potty, so I had to make the decision to make a run for it.
    We ran down the stairs and I threw her outside and sure enough the alarm went off. THIS THING IS LOUD! I am sure the neighbors, heck the neighbor’s neighbors could probably here this. I couldn’t turn the alarm off. So, I ended up ripping the thing out of the wall and wrapping it in a ton of blankets to muffle the sound until I could finally turn the damn alarm off. The best part? It sent notifications to me and my husband with a video clip of me doing this wonderful act.

  • No Web Interface

    All of the settings must be changed through the App for Piper. This can be slightly frustrating at times, especially during set up.

  • The Battery Backup

    Don’t get me wrong, it is great to have a backup when the power goes off. BUT, it would have been nice to have a rechargeable battery instead of 3 AA batteries.

So Would You Suggest Piper To Your Friends?


Piper is great for those who want peace of mind with a home security system but don’t want to break the bank. The added bonus that you can take the device with you when you move makes it all the better.
There are a few cons with the device but we believe the pros outweigh those cons hands down.

You can purchase the device through their main website HERE or through Amazon here…
Piper classic All-in-One Security System with Video Monitoring Camera, Black

Piper nv Smart Home Security System with Night Vision, 180-degree Video Camera, Black

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  1. I’ve never heard of Piper before and I’ve been looking for an alarm system. After reading this I’m inclined to purchase Piper and the good thing is, it’s not ridiculously expensive. I do have to admit I laughed so hard when I read it sent a video clip to your husband of you wrapping the alarm with a ton of blankets 😂. That was epic! Thanks for sharing!

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