Mint Sim: A Review of a Cheap Cell Phone Service Plan

Here at YoungSmartSaveTravel we are all about saving money. One of the best ways to save money is by reducing our monthly expenses. Cell phone service seems to be a large monthly expense for a lot of people so we are always looking for ways to spend less.

Here comes Mint Sim.

You might have seen their advertisements on Facebook with the cute green fox who enjoys cursing, he claims to say foxing but we all know what f*ing realling means…

Mint Sim is a prepaid MNVO which operates of the T-mobile network.

Before you say, “well I can only have Verizon because I am queen of the world and only Verizon has good service.” Well, please shut your trap, get in your leased fancy-smancy car, and GTFO. 🙂

Honestly T-mobile has increased their coverage in the last few years and unless you live in the middle of nowhere their service is perfectly adequate. We had cricket which operates off AT&T before Mint Sim (check out our post on AT&T service cheaply) and for us the coverage was identical.

How does Mint Sim Save you money?

Mint Sim is different in you pay in advance for 3 months, up to 12 months, of service. The more months you buy the bigger discount. Sweet.

They offer 2GB, 5GB and 10GB individual plans.

If you buy 12 months of the 2 GB plan up front the total cost is only $199 which comes down to $16.58 a month. That is F*ing cheap is my opinion. See what I said? It was foxing ☺. You sailor mouth, you…

Their plan breakdown is below. 

All plans are individual. There are no group discounts or auto pay discounts but they are dirt cheap anyway. They currently have a 50% off discount for all the 3 month plans for new customers which is a great way to try the service.

Here is what we like about Mint Sim

It is dirt cheap.

We can’t argue with how cheap they are. We had cricket beforehand and we are saving significantly more money using Mint Sim. Currently, they have a promo where you get 50% off the 3 month plans for new customers (as mentioned before, redundant I know but you really need to understand the amazing savings!) This is a great deal especially if you are on the fence about them. There are no contracts so if it isn’t working out, then switch to a different carrier.



Oddly enough, we get slightly better coverage with Mint Sim. Cirkcet/AT&T did not work inside Kroger where we do most of our grocery shopping. I always have my phone out with the Kroger app loading digital coupons so this was really annoying. (We are always finding ways to save!)  Mint Sim/T-mobile works great there. Coverage is really going to be on a case by case basis but there was never a moment we didn’t have coverage. You can check out their coverage map here.

Keep in mind Mint Sim does not get roaming that T-mobile postpaid customers would get. So, places like West Virginia will literally have no coverage. Sorry guys…

What We Don’t Like

Network Priority

Like most MNVOs your traffic will be less of a priority than postpaid or native customers. Therefore, if there is any congestion you will probably see slower speeds. This typically isn’t an issue but there were times I felt it was just slow.

Two Factor Authentication

Most websites now offer two factor authentications where if you log on from an unknown device you will receive a short code on your phone that must also be entered. For some reason, not all those texts would go through depending on the website. I did some digging and I found one other person complaining about the same thing.

It was website dependent, where some sites had no issues other sites didn’t work at all. Google and Vanguard were two sites I had issues with while Amazon and a few other worked fine. As of writing this, the issue seems to be fixed so this may not be an issue at all now, but for the first 2 months of service this issue was incredible annoying.

Wi-Fi text and Wi-Fi calling.

Mint sim doesn’t currently offer Wi-Fi texting and calling for iPhone which native T-Mobile service does offer. Android users however do get this option. We mainly use iMessage on the iPhone so this isn’t an issue but it would be nice to have.

International Roaming

Mint Sim doesn’t offer free international roaming that native T-mobile offers. We have an upcoming trip to Canada so we plan on moving out of Mint Sim, at least for that trip.

Prepaying in Advance

Our biggest issue with prepaying anything in advance is if the company goes under, then you lose all your money. Mint Sim is owned by Ultra Mobile which has been in the MNVO market for many years. Therefore, I am not so concerned about this company going under but there is always the possibility.

Other Things to Note

T-Mobile offers a lot of data free uses such as music and video streaming. None of this carries over to their MNVO. So, if you are a heavy streamer while not on Wi-Fi… then this could be an issue for you. We are almost always on Wi-Fi so 2GB is plenty of data for us.

Overall Opinion

Mint Sim is not for everyone but for those it does work for, then it is a great option. If you don’t need a lot of data and you can survive on T-Mobile service, then it is a great way to save money. 

If you have enough people for a family plan elsewhere, I recommend Cricket as their group save discounts can make the service even cheaper. If if is just you and your spouse then Mint Sim might be the way to go!

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