Trip to Boston; 48 Hours of Historical Fun on a Budget

A few weeks ago, I flew out to Boston to meet with my long-time best friend. Being a super woman working long hours being awesome at her job, we only had 48 hours to catch up and see the city.

Boston is a great city with tons to see and a million places to eat. Having 48 hours we didn’t have time to see it all but we did make a decent dent in some of the best hits without breaking the budget.

Without further ado, let’s break down a great, budget friendly trip to Boston!



For me, the flight cost about $234 flying direct on Delta. Sadly, I flew out to the East coast during the Delta system shut down, delaying my flight for a few hours, precious hours when you are on a time constraint.

I could have easily used flying miles on other airliners to take the trip free of charge, but let’s be real…$234 isn’t a bad price for a direct flight and my miles are better used elsewhere.


We stayed for two nights at the Hyatt Regency Boston Downtown.

This hotel is fantastic. The location couldn’t have been better. We were in great walking distance to many restaurants, the theater district, and the Boston Commons. A few minutes longer and you can walk to the beautiful Beacon Hills and the North End full of Italian charm.

For the first night, I used my annual free night in a category 1-4 Hyatt hotels. The second night, I used 15,000 Hyatt points which were transferred from Chase Ultimate Reward (UR) points. Without using the free night and points, the hotel would have cost me approximately $1,200.

Boston is a very expensive city. Even AirBnB prices compared equally to hotels after paying charges and cleaning fees. In my opinion, we got a great deal.

Check out our post reviewing the Hyatt Credit Card and learn more about their rewards HERE.

Hyatt Regency Boston

What to do:

The number one thing to do in Boston is obviously the Freedom Trail. Starting at the Boston Commons you walk a along a brick pathway through the city seeing the many historical sites that helped shape our nation’s history. This may seem like an easy task but if you want the full experience of the Freedom Trail…it could take the whole day.

We practically ran the trail as we waited until after lunch to start. By the time we reached Bunker Hill…it was dark and our phones had died. Thank the heavens for the brick paved path lining the trail or we would have been lost in the city.


Some of my favorite spots are, The First Public School House, Paul Revere’s House, and the Bunker Hill Monument.

Paul Revere’s Home
  • Parks-Free

The Boston Commons and the Boston Public Garden are beautiful spaces worth a stroll while visiting through the city.

  • Beacon Hill-Free

Beacon Hill is by far the cutest place to live. The old brick and mortar town houses lining the cobblestone streets is picturesque historic beauty.

Beacon Hills Home

History through historical buildings and in the pages of old leather bound books. This library is essentially my dream come true. (I know, I know…weird).

Boston Anthenaeum Library

We didn’t actually go to any shows but we stayed right next to the theater district. Boston has a lot to offer if you are a fan of the arts. We just didn’t want to spend our time watching shows when we already had so little time to catch up.

  • Shopping

Between the historical sites, around the theater district, pretty much everywhere. Boston has a fantastic selection of stores for shopping. From the full scale Primark to the hole in the wall bookshops we stopped at a few great hits on our trip.


I was so excited to finally check something off my bucket list. Ever since hearing about “hot pot” I have wanted to try a hot pot restaurant. Luckily for us, Chinatown was a short walking distance from the hotel.

It was almost as if it was fate. Due to my delayed flight, I didn’t get in to Boston until about 10pm. I hadn’t eaten all day and most of the restaurants were closing around us….except for Chinatown.

Hot Pot Buffet stays open until 2am. IT. WAS. FANTASTIC.

You order your broth, and all the fillings you want for your…well…hot pot. It is family style so choosing what type of broth you want could be interesting but we agreed on going with the house broth, a great decision.

After ordering a plethora of strange and intriguing ingredients, they brought out the broth, got it boiling on our table and plates upon plates of great food was brought out. We tried everything from bamboo shoots to qual eggs and even conch balls. You just plop the ingredients in the boiling broth, cook them for a few minutes, and then serve.

Added bonus, you can keep ordering more. YES.

We left completely satisfied with our warm broth dinner. It was the perfect meal for a late, cold, and rainy night.

Hot Pot Buffet

This place is crazy busy but worth the stop. Right off the old Freedom Trail. This indoor market is packed with local food vendors. My suggestion? Try a New England lobster roll. 🙂

This is what my dreams are made of…This adorable pastry shop is tucked in on one of the many Italian inspired streets of the North End, once (maybe still) ran by the Italian Mafia. Try one of their many famous pastries and treat yourself to a steaming hot cup of coffee. You can either take your food to go in the line that winds through the many pastry cases so you can drool over your decision or take your time by sitting at one of the few bistro tables inside.

Just remember to bring cash! They are a cash only establishment. I don’t even have a problem with this! With the large number of customers coming through their door, cash is fast and simple to keep the lines moving. A must stop when in Boston.

Modern Pastry Fresh Chocolate Cannoli

Known as America’s oldest tavern this is a must stop on your trip to Boston even if it is just for a pint of their famous brew. Sit by the window and imagine the life of Bostonians back to the time of 1795.

Grabbing a beer at the oldest tavern in the US!

Across the street from the famous Bell in Hand Tavern, the Green Dragon is more of your traditional pub. Sit where John Hancock and Paul Revere once sat and where history was formed. Enjoy a pint and our suggestion of their rich shepherd’s pie.

There is plenty more to experience in Boston and not to mention the endless tours one could discover. Check out Boston for yourself. This city offers options for any budget if you know where to look!

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We would love to hear from you. Have you visited Boston recently? What is your favorite part of the city? Comment suggestions, questions, or ideas for future posts below! Until next time friends, CHEERS!